The Bedbug inspection & protection plan

Bedbugs transmits disease from injecting saliva into your skin during the initial stages of feeding on your blood.

Now, imagine that you are unfortunate enough to stay at an infested hotel.

During the night, a bed bug full of blood from last night’s victim crawls near your face; you roll over and the pressure pops the bug and exposes you to human blood.

If the blood was from an infected person, where does that leave you?

Method of treatment

1. Spraying Method:  Spraying of of residual pesticide into the hiding places of bed bugs and at places where they have laid eggs. Inspection is carried out after 15 days of treatment and if the problem persists, a treatment will be repeated for extermination of the bugs.
2.Heat/Steam Method: In case of homes where insecticides cannot be used, we have our own unique heat/steam method of controlling bed bugs.



DO's & DONT's :


  • Vacate all the cupboards & Beds at the time of service
  • Seal all the cracks & crevices with suitable material after service.
  • Keep small children’s & Pets away while servicing.
  • Ventilate the room properly before entering into it after service.
  • Make all the areas available for service at the time of service schedule.
  • Dismantle the Headboard of Bed at the time of services.
  • Inspect the laundry & baggage items always before storing for Bedbug infestation.


  • Don’t take any material outside from infested area at the time of services.
  • Do not spray the chemical when the doors and windows are closed
  • Close the doors and windows after treatment for 2 hrs
  • Do not allow the Asthma patients and Children in the house at the time of treatment
  • Do not use the cot/furniture till the chemical is completely dried
  • Do not panic when you find dead bedbugs.